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Product Details:


Product Description

We have a strong stand in the market as one of the leading suppliers and traders of Pharmacy College Instruments-Pharmacology. These products find application in various laboratories for testing laboratory equipment and machines. Owing to their high performance, compact size, easy usage & installation, low maintenance and longer functional life, these products are highly demanded by our clients. Pharmacy College Instruments-Pharmacology can be availed from us in varied sizes, designs and specifications as per the requirements of the clients.


 Other Details:

 Our product range includes:

  • Abbe refractometer active response apparatus

  • Activity cage adjustable stand

  • Advance rotary microtome aeration tube

  • Aggressometer air conditioner

  • Air curtains all glass distillation set

  • Ampule clarity test set ampule filling and sealing device

  • Ampule washing device analgesiometer contact heat type

  • Analgesiometer eddy's hot plate old model analgesiometer mark iv

  • Analgesiometer tail flick analytical balances

  • Analytical weight box

  • Anatomical specimen

  • Andresen’s pipette antibiotic zone reader

  • Arterial cannula aseptic cabinet

  • Atomic models audiogenic seizure test chamber

  • Audiogenic test chamber autoclave

  • Autoclave-double chamber autoclave-single chamber

  • B p apparatus B.O.D. Incubator

  • Balance for weighing small animals balance torsion type

  • Ball mill motor driven ball mill, motor driven

  • Battery eliminator Benedict Roth recording spirometer (BMR)

  • Bicycle ergo graph binocular microscope

  • Blender blister pack/strip pack machine

  • Boss head botany

  • Bottle filling machine bottle sealing machine

  • Bulk density apparatus Bunsen burner with regulating box

  • Burettes burner

  • Camera Lucida capsule filling machine

  • Car apparatus centrifuge machine

  • Chart cabinet charts (pharmacognosy)

  • Charts human physiology chemical balance

  • Circular drying stand clamps

  • Clarity test equipment for ampule coating pan

  • Collapsible tube filling machine collapsible tube filling machine

  • Colony counter Columbia obstruction box

  • Compartment dryer (tray drier) conductometer

  • Conical percolator continuance avoidance response test apparatus

  • Contraceptive device cook's pole climbing

  • Cork borers cork boring machine

  • Cover slip crimping machine

  • Crucibles and gooch crucibles

  • Cube mixer (roto cube) cup vortex mixer - test tube mixer

  • Cylindrical tank

  • Dehumidifier densitometer

  • Desiccators (soda glass)

  • Different kind of levers different kind of suppository moulds

  • Digital activity cage digital activity cage new model

  • Digital chronoscope digital display elapsed time

  • Digital display multiple choice apparatus digital display multiple choice apparatus time

  • Digital display response time apparatus digital display elapsed time apparatus

  • Digital multiple choice apparatus digital spectrophotometer

  • Digital steadiness tester disintegration double basket

  • Disintegration test apparatus disintegrator test apparatus big motorized 000

  • Disintegrator test apparatus small/pulverizer motorized dispensing balance

  • Dissecting instrument box dissecting microscope

  • Dissecting surgical instrument set dissolution rate test apparatus six stage

  • Dissolution rate test apparatus three stage dissolution rate test apparatus two stage

  • Dissolution rate test appt. Six stage dissolution rate test equipment

  • Dissolution six stage jar test apparatus distillation still

  • Distillation still double cone blender

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