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ICS-BIOLINE PCR&RT PCR ics-bioline pcr & rt pcr polymerase chain reaction (pcr) is an important tool for the detection od dna and rna with application across all biotechnology / molecular biology research, including forensics, gene expression, identification and discovery. Tradional pcr has relied on agorose gelbased end point detection of the reaction, in the plateau phase, this has been time consuming, not very precise and with a degree of sample to samples variability. Real time pcr combines the amplification and detection steps into one single procedure, saving time. Real time pcr measures sample during the exponential phase of the pcr reaction and produces results while the reaction is in progess. This achives detection accuracy from very low initial concentrations of starting material. Real time pcr is sufficiently sensitive to detect as low as 2-fold changes, allowing discrimination in yields that are not possible to achieve with agarose gels. features > gradient function creates a temperature gradient of 24oc across the sample block. > volume sensor software automatically adjusts ramp rates tom accommodate differences in sample volumes. > a blue light diode for fluorescent dye excitation. > a direct current constant power supply improves thermal efficiency, performance and stability while reducing power consumption by 30% over compararively sized models. > an automatic hot lid with adjustable temperature. > all data is saved automatically in the event of a power failure occuring during the reaction. > an automatic over temperature function sounds an audible warning at excessive temperatures and automatically shuts down the instrument. > ramps rates can be adjusted to allow the direct application of established protocols. > advanced multi-point temperature control and monitoring permits more accurate and uniform temperature control throughout the heating block. > the system automatically holds samples at 4 c following completion of the cycle. This sample hold can be adjusted to any temperature.

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