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 Hot Plate cum Magnetic Stirrer

This Hot Plate cum Magnetic Stirrer can be customized as per the needs of the client and are known to have long performance life. Hot Plate cum Magnetic Stirrer is fabricated using mild steel or highly polished stainless. Hot Plate cum Magnetic Stirrer is provided with general purpose which is controlled with digital temperature controller cum indicator. Hot Plate cum Magnetic Stirrer is controlled by three position rotary switch and is offered with an indicator lamp for mains. We provide this Hot Plate Rectangular which is available in various forms as per client requirements.



ICS-REMI-Magnetic Stirrer

ICS-REMI-magnetic Stirrer

Item Code: GE-192Compact stirring device utilizing a rotating magnetic field applied from below the container. The stirring is accomplished by a PTFE rotor placed in the liquid to be stirred. Complete with pilot lamp, plug, cord, continuously variable speed regulator. 

The body is made of mild steel duly finished in stoving enamel and mounted with a stainless steel top, which serves as a hot plate. In model with heating system, temperature is controlled by an energy regulator. An electronic speed controller is also provided. Complete with PTFE coated magnet. 

A) Magnetic stirrer without heating system. 
B) Magnetic stirrer with hot plate & energy regulator. 

Capacity : 

(i) 2Itr. 
(ii) 5Itr. 
(iii) 101tr.



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