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Semi Automated Bio-Chemistry Analyzer ICS-BIOLINE semi automated bio-chemistry analyzer Semi Automated Bio-Chemistry Analyzer Specification : > Test items : 250 > Flow cell : quartz flow cell 32uL > With both shipping and cuvette system > Lamp : PHILIP 6V 10W > Measurement range : 0 ~ 5Abs > Resolution : 0.001 Abs (display), 0.001 Abs (calculation) > Temperature control : Peltier 37 oC, 30oC, 25oC, 0.1oC > Repeatability : <1% Method Kinetic, End-point, linearity end-point, non-linear end-point, absorbency, sample blank, multi-standards, velocity, calculation, fixed time, bichromatic, etc. Intial rate immuno and hormone assay Quality Control > Quality control for all test. > Statistic and print quality control parameters automatically wuth QC curves. > Program : Add or delete test items easily according to the condition, modify the test parameters. > Display dynamic curves at real time, visually react the process. > Dormant automatically for the lamp to proiong its lifespan > Input 8 standard curves at most in testing with multi standard method > Max reagent consumption : 500uL per sample

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