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Bio- Chemistry Analyzer ICS- Bioline Fully Automated Randon Access Bio-Chemistry Analyzer Features > Discrete, random access, fully automated. > ≥ 250 test / hours without ISE. > STAT samples can be inserted at random. > Unattached reagent & sample probe, liquid level detection collision protection. > On board reagent cooling system System Function > Throughput : Up to 250 tests/hours (not including ISE test) > Test method : End-point, kinectic, fixed-time. > Test sequences : Discrete, random access, STAT can be inserted at any time. Test sequence can be sorted by samples or items > Spectrometer : Enclosed array of spectrometer and photodiodes, maintenance free. > Cuvette washing : Auto wash the cuvettes through 8 segments washing pipe and continuous use them (optional) > Reaction detect : Monitor 81 cuvettes reaction at the same time. > Photometric process : The interval time between two consecutive photometric points are exactly the same. > Pipeline system : Pressure auto released pumps and double filters to protect pumps and valves. > Gearing : Plastic gear leads lower noise and accuracy of positioning of moving parts. > Environmental resistance : Resistant from dust and water vapor.

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